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Field’s Bridge Park – Play Ball!

Field’s Bridge Park – Play Ball!

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Due west of Willamette’s commercial core, you may happen upon a regional championship baseball game at Fields Bridge Park. This 19-acre park also has basketball courts, community gardens and walking paths that meander along a wide, gentle swath of the Tualatin River for a quarter mile or so. A covered bridge was a nearby feature until 1953.

The park has an interpretive center describing geologic features caused by a cataclysmic Ice Age event known as the Missoula flood. The flood carved out our river gorges, cliffs and the valley floor of the Willamette and Tualatin River basins where you’re standing.

Location: Willamette Falls Drive at Fields Bridge, approximately 1 mile west of historic Willamette.

Contact West Linn Parks and Rec.

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  1. SUE COOPER October 26, 2011 at 9:05 am #

    FIELDS BRIDGE PARK is my favorite amenity in West Linn. This brilliantly laid out Garden of Eden is a perfect example of how West Linn’s land use is so well thought out and executed. I commend the City for giving us this serene escape from traffic and noise …. I take my grandchildren on nature walks through the meandering paths along the river, then over to the well-designed playground safely away from the parking lot, thankful for the pristene upkeep of the grounds, the picnic tables, the ample trash and recycling carts, and the game fields for our youths to play sports. Additionally, the wonderful revamping of Willamette Park with our new accommodations again shows careful planning and execution. Good job, West Linn, I am so priviledged to see my property taxes spent so well.

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